by El Strawb



A Stunning new album from El Strawb. No 2 songs the same as anyone else. Pure Psychedelic New-Rave Troubadour TAOIST POP SONGS.
Meant to be heard as a Compleat* Set. (*olde english spelling!)


released August 28, 2016

All songs written and recorded by El Strawb at The Bamboo Grove. Except "TAINTED LOVE" Written by Ed Cobb
Special guests Mike Gutsell, Pixie Mitchel, Nichola, Catriona, Lily Mae, Omer Makessa, Vincent Price and more!



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


El Strawb Bristol, UK

Psychedelic New-Rave Troubadour.
I've been attempting to make Taoist Pop for 21 years.
Debut Online Only Album "BY THE SEASIDE" Now available from CD Baby/i-tunes/Amazon/Spotify etc.
Singles "MY Body Needs an M.O.T." & "Chick-A Boom" now Viewing in YouTube
"My Body Needs an M.O.T." T-shirts in E-Bay.
Namaste Amigos
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Track Name: Love Is NOT All U Need
Love is NOT all you need
You need a Roof, over your head
You wanna feel safe, in your bed

You need food, in your belly
You need an i-phone and a Telly
Track Name: METEORITE - Eve of Ethiopia Children
Meteorite : Meteorite
Maybe, we’re all alone in this universe
What if we are all alone in this vast vast universe
Maybe we’re not the only life in this universe
What if we’re Not the only life in this vast vast universe
Either way it’s a Miracle everyday
Either way it’s a Miracle everyday
It’s a sin the way we lead this life
This precious precious life
Oh the things that I have seen done in Mans’ name
Oh the things that I have seen done in Gods’ name
Tell me Woman... ”It’s a Beautiful World”
Call It EDEN
We all live in the same Mother tree
We all come from the same Mother tree
You and Me, We’re Family
We all eat from the same Monkey tree
We all make love in the same Monkey tree
Ain’t no escape, Ain’t no debate
Eve of Ethiopia Children
What have we become? What have we done?
To win our Mothers Love & Our Fathers approval
Oh We fight & We fight & We fight & We fight
About Our Fathers’ Name. Much to Mothers’ Shame
Eve of Ethiopia Children Shine
Track Name: GIRL. Bear Needs Honey, Eagle Gotta Land. I NEED YOUR LOVE
Sugar and spice
Sweet thing you feed me fire
Addiction and vice
I'm hooked on your desire
Girl.... you make my hair curl
Like a Bear needs honey
Beaver needs a damn
Daddy needs Mummy
Eagle gotta land
I need your love : I need your Love
You flash your eyes and wonder
At all the boys who blunder
They paw and beg to kiss you
Then they shoot their love and miss you
Girl... you make my brain whirl
Girl... Your petals unfurl
Girl. you make me simmer
Girl. I swear you're getting thinner
Girl. Go out and have a good time
coz you're a Woman. And i wish you were mine
Woman. You're looking devine
Woman. You're doing real fine
Track Name: I'm A Faded Man (I'm An African)
I'm a Faded Man
I'm an African
I'm a Faded Man
I'm an Earthican
My ego is open, It walked out the door
My ego is open, I can't see it no more
I am but clay, Sculpted everyday
for Millenium, now I am undone
Now i see
What made me
My roots are long and my, roots are deep
My roots are strong and my roots will keep me growing
Feed me all I'm knowing
Now i am digitzed, now I am paralized
Now i am plastic, I don't feel so fantastic
Tick Tick
I'm a Chinaman, I'm Brazilian
I'm Iranian, I'm an Indian
I'm a Korean, I'm Canadian
I'm Tibetan, I'm a Russian
I'm none of this and more
I'm everything that came before...