The ZEN TAILS Collective - 21st Century Fable

by The ZEN TAILS Collective



Features Pixie on Harmonies,
Steve Pantlin on Lead guitar
and James Blackmoore on Vox


released May 4, 2002




El Strawb Bristol, UK

Psychedelic New-Rave Troubadour.
I've been attempting to make Taoist Pop for 21 years.
Debut Online Only Album "BY THE SEASIDE" Now available from CD Baby/i-tunes/Amazon/Spotify etc.
Singles "MY Body Needs an M.O.T." & "Chick-A Boom" now Viewing in YouTube
"My Body Needs an M.O.T." T-shirts in E-Bay.
Namaste Amigos
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Track Name: 21st Century Fable
21st Century Fable

The King has got no clothes on
But he's, got his mobile phone on
Talking as he's walking by
His subjects who identify
With his madness and his gait
And his semi concious state
Bound by rules and regulations
Blind to fools and demonstrations
Praised by T.V. press and all
Ignorance will save his fall
Like a truly naked man
Surely God will understand
When computers start to crash
And the Pope is smoking hash
What an ignorant race we are
Can't get by tithout a car
Can't exist without a label
Keep on living in a Fable
Spitting on our own front door
Flying off to distant shore
It's ok we'll be alright
Sweet dreams hun
God bless, g'night!

c Strawb 2001
Track Name: GIRL - Bear Needs Honey, Eagle Gotta Land. I NEED YOUR LOVE
GIRL - Like A Bear Needs Honey, Eagle Gotta Land. I NEED YOUR LOVE

Sugar and spice
Sweet thing you feed me fire
Addiction and vice
I'm hooked on your desire
Girl.... you make my hair curl

Like a Bear needs honey
Beaver needs a damn
Daddy needs Mummy
Eagle gotta land
I need your love : I need your Love

You flash your eyes and wonder
At all the boys who blunder
They paw and beg to kiss you
Then they shoot their love and miss you
Girl... you make my brain whirl
Girl... your petals unfurl

Girl. you make me simmer
Girl. I swear you're getting slimmer
Girl. Go out and have a good time
coz you're a Woman. And i wish you were mine
Woman. You're looking devine
Woman. You're doing real fine