I'll Be Back

from by ZEN TAILS



first song written for a 3 piece girl group called Shade. collective age @ 45. Back in 1996/7 Split up due to managerial conflict, just when they been bought the Satin Jackets too! Bless them xx


I’ll Be Back
(the unsung lyrics)

I’ll be back
In your heart
Every time she calls your name, Calls your name
I’ll be there
In your head
Every night in bed
You’ll remember my flame
Remember my flame

Did baby burn his fingers
Well what a surprise
Love shouldn’t linger
In flickering eyes
The fire that was burning
So perfect and pure
Leaves lovers yearning
And begging for more
You’ll be back!

Thought you could feast on the fruit of my love
Drink from my river of life
Love me and leave me, well baby believe me
It’s time to pay the price
I saw you kissing and petting today
She’s got my eyes
I thought of some little games we could play
Now isn’t that nice
I’ll be back…

Get on your knees
Pour out your tender pleas
Don’t apologize
For all your pathetic lies
Don’t worry baby
I don’t really care
I’m on my way
To somewhere further out than here
I walk away
No more to say
No need to stay
No more secrets and lies

I’ll be back
In your heart
Everytime she calls your name
Calls your name
I’ll be there
In your head
Every night in bed
You’ll remember my Flame
Remember my flame
I’ll be BACK…

(written for 3 Female voices, a verse each, and all there for the chorous)


from ZEN TAILS - "Rising", released July 7, 1997
El Strawb




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