The Dawning

from by ZEN TAILS



The Dawning
(The Un-sung Lyrics)

This is the Dawning
This is the New Dawn
This is a warning
This is the New Dawn
This is the New Dawn

Of civilizations
We’re on a sliding curve
On a planetary nerve
Systems overload
As tensions explode
Can’t take no more
Of societies war
This is a revolution
A purifying solution
Hand in hand
We will stand
All across this land

My brothers, my sisters, my friends
Take heed
For the wheel comes round again
This is no joke this is no game
We’re Killing Our Children
Again and again
It doesn’t have to be this way
We have a choice
To build a future, full of love
Put our faith, in god above?

2,000 years a million more
What is life for?
2,000 years a million more
What Is Life FOR?

This is a warning
This is the Dawning
Time to wake up
Quit your yawning
Pay the ferryman
Enjoy the ride
Release the love
Deep inside


Wake up
Wake up
To the New Dawn

(“for the world, eeez a Beeeeautiful place!”)

c STRAWB 1997


from ZEN TAILS - "Rising", released July 7, 1997
El Strawb




El Strawb Bristol, UK

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I've been attempting to make Taoist Pop for 21 years.
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